Rhode Island man calls 911 from police cruiser to complain about officer who offered a ride

He's been charged with making a false 911 call.

WESTERLY, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island police say a man called 911 from the back of a cruiser to complain about an officer who volunteered to give him a ride.

The Westerly Sun reports officers were called to a home in Westerly Tuesday and found the 28-year-old man arguing with his girlfriend.

Westerly Police Chief Richard Silva says the man seemed intoxicated, so officers told him to find a ride home. When he couldn’t, Silva says officers offered the man a ride to the police station where someone could pick him up.

Silva says the man used his cellphone to call 911 once inside the cruiser.


The man has been charged with a misdemeanor of making a false 911 call.


Information from: The Westerly Sun, http://www.thewesterlysun.com


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