Maine Lobster Festival officials face backlash after Sea Goddess crown taken from teen

Taylor Hamlin says she was forced to step down 24 hours after she won the 2018 title.

Maine Lobster Festival
Maine Lobster Festival –Tim Sullivan Photography

Maine Lobster Festival officials say they have received threatening comments in response to a teen being stripped of the event’s Sea Goddess crown 24 hours after winning it last week, The Portland Press Herald reports.

The 18-year-old, Taylor Hamlin, says she was forced to step down by the festival’s executive board after photos of her posted on social media were sent to officials.

Festival official Celia MacMillan told the Press Herald she opposed the decision to take the crown from Hamlin and said that event organizers have gotten nasty and threatening comments in the days since the move.

“It’s been almost like a lynch mob,” MacMillan said.


According to the Press Herald, one event organizer said a person sent photos of the official’s daughter at the Maine festival, as if to imply she was being stalked.

Extra police protection was requested at the festival, which ran from Wednesday through Sunday, over the comments and threats that were being received, but police told the newspaper no disruptions or protests were reported.

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