Prank caller believed to have also threatened Bridgewater girl over social media

A man called Bridgewater police at about 4 a.m. Tuesday and falsely claimed to have 10-15 hostages inside a home.

Police believe a man who somehow gained access to a girl’s social media conversation with friends—and proceeded to make threats to her—is the same individual responsible for making several prank calls to the Bridgewater Police Department on Tuesday morning alluding to a hostage situation at her home.

The man called police at about 4 a.m. and said he had 10-15 hostages inside a home on Aldrich Road in Bridgewater, where the girl lives, according to a police release. He said he was going to kill the hostages if he was not given cash, police said.

Police responded to the residence and “found nothing to be out of the ordinary,” according to the release.


When officers were at the scene, the girl at the home called 911 to report that “a man she was speaking to on the social media application Houseparty had threated to harm her,” police said.

The early investigation indicated that the girl had been using the live video app to talk with three friends when the man – “unknown to the girl,” police said – somehow gained access to the conversation and began making threats.

“Police believe that the man the juvenile was speaking to was the same person who had called the police station making the threats,” the release said.

The incident remains under investigation by the department.


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