Police officers at Boston College and Boston University embrace school rivalry through song in lip sync battle

The law enforcement departments drew on some classic Boston tunes.

Yes, that’s retired Boston Police Commissioner William Evans you see mouthing the words to “Sweet Caroline” in a lip sync challenge.

Evans, who recently took up the position of chief of police for Boston College, put his lip-syncing talents to use in a video jointly released Thursday by the law enforcement departments at Boston College and Boston University that pits school-against-school singing some classic Boston anthems.

“You’ve seen #LipSyncChallenge videos before but you haven’t seen anything like this,” Boston College wrote on Facebook. “Boston College Police Department and Boston University Police Department team up to show what Boston (and the rivalry) is all about.”


The battle includes snippets of Boston standards from the Dropkick Murphys, the Standells, and Neil Diamond.