Boston hiker rescued via helicopter from Acadia National Park

The 53-year-old woman was hiking with friends when a 200 to 300 pound rock fell on her leg.

Authorities rescuing the woman Monday.
Authorities rescuing the woman Monday. –Maine Forest Rangers via Facebook

A 53-year-old Boston woman was rescued by helicopter Monday morning after sustaining a serious leg injury when a 200 to 300 pound rock fell on her while she hiked in Acadia National Park.

The woman was hiking on the Dorr Mountain Ladder trail with friends around 7 a.m. when the rock “tumbled” onto her, according to the Bangor Daily News. Maine Forester Rangers and paramedics from the Bar Harbor Fire Department responded to the steep section of the trail.

“She sustained significant lower leg injury from a large falling rock,” Supervisory Ranger Darren Belkis told the newspaper. “I was told it was a large rock that was wedged in a crevice area” and had tumbled down.


Due to the terrain and severity of the woman’s injuries, first responders called the Main Forest Service to request a helicopter, Belkis said.

Rangers posted photos of the effort to Facebook, which show the crew in the midst of rescuing the woman via helicopter.

“This helicopter short haul rescue method saved rescuers a dangerous and arduous carry down of the victim,” rangers wrote. “And, it assures that the victim gets to critical care sooner.”

After being flown to the Bar Harbor ball field, the woman was transported by ambulance to Mount Desert Island Hospital, the newspaper reported. 


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