8 sharks were detected off Nauset Beach. Some beachgoers were hoping to spot one.

“I haven’t seen a shark and I’m craving it.”

A shark flag blows in the wind at an entrance point to Nauset Beach.

Eight sharks — yes, eight — were seen swimming near Nauset Beach on Thursday.

The great whites were spotted from the air by a pilot flying above the stretch of Cape Cod, according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s app, Sharktivity, which tracks detections of the ocean predators in Massachusetts waters.  

White sharks were ‘thick’ off Nauset Beach today,” the conservancy said Thursday on Facebook.

“So. Many. Sharks,” Marianne Long, education director for the nonprofit, wrote on Twitter. “Holy guacamole it was a day.”

According to the Cape Cod Times, there was mixed reaction on Nauset Beach as news of the proximity of the sharks spread. Susie Furman told the newspaper she rushed to the beach from Harwich after hearing about the sightings.


“The fascination and the fear are one and the same,” she said of the sharks being close to the beach.

According to the Times, at least six sharks were reported between Chatham and Nauset Beach around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, with eight later seen close to the Orleans beach around 12:30 p.m.

Furman wasn’t the only one hoping to the glimpse the great whites. Linda and Jack O’Malley, of Sandwich, told the Times they brought friends visiting from Florida to the beach partly in the hope they’d see a shark.

Kiana Brophy, who works at a food truck stationed at the beach, told the Times she took a few minutes off after getting a text from a friend about the nearby sharks.

“I haven’t seen a shark and I’m craving it,” she said.