Meet the other empty nesters, and they’re missing the kids, too

Wyatt stood at the door of his home in West Roxbury keeping an eye out for Gabe Harris, who's off at UMass Amherst. —Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

In Sudbury, an older Labradoodle named Reuben has been dragging himself up three flights of stairs and plopping himself in front of Kerani Verma’s room — vacant since she left for the University of Delaware — and just waiting.

Gracie, a Newton goldendoodle, has put herself on a hunger strike since sisters Rachel and Emma Brown left for post-grad life and Tufts. She spends her nights snoozing near their empty beds.

As for Wyatt, a yellow Lab in West Roxbury, he’s been sitting at the base of the staircase, listening for the command he’s been hearing for years — “Go wake Gabe!’’— only it’s not coming anymore. Gabe’s left for UMass Amherst.

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