30 pounds of marijuana was sent to a Boston radio station, and one of its hosts has a theory about it

"Whoever ordered this is very pissed today, or very nervous."

02/10/2017  BOSTON, MA   Ramiro Torres (cq) hosted the Ramiro, Pebbles, Melissa and Wiggy morning show on 96.9 from a Greater Media studio in Boston.   (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
Ramiro Torres of Hot 96.9's "Ramiro, Pebbles, Melissa and Wiggy" morning show last year in a Greater Media studio in Boston. –Aram Boghosian / The Boston Globe

Marijuana might be legal for adults in Massachusetts, but not this much.

Boston police recovered a “large package” with 20 unopened bags of what they believe to be weed Tuesday evening from 55 Morrissey Boulevard, the home of popular local hip hop station Hot 96.9, as well as other stations. According to morning show hosts on Hot 96.9, the shipment contained 30 pounds of marijuana, and no one knew where it came from. They said it had been sitting in their mailroom for several weeks before they discovered what was in it.

“Whoever ordered this is very pissed today, or very nervous,” host Ramiro Torres said during Wednesday morning’s airing of the Get Up Crew with Ramiro, Pebbles, Melissa & Wiggy.


The package wasn’t addressed to anyone at the station, but Torres said on Thursday’s show that he had heard from a “source,” who purportedly shed light on how the massive shipment found its way to their office. According to the host, his source said the package was intended for an employee at the station from a friend who was out of the country on vacation, who apparently had smoked and wanted to share some, to paraphrase, very good weed.

“The culprit was like, ‘I hope you’re not going to try and smuggle it into the country,’ and they said, ‘No, but I don’t want to have it shipped to my house. Can I ship it to your job?'” Torres recounted. “Let’s just say they get a lot of packages here, so it’s not weird for them to get, like, FedEx, and all that stuff.”

However, the intended recipient thought the shipment would be much smaller and sent at a later date, according to Torres, so they were unaware that it had been shipped and delivered until the package was discovered this week.

“When everyone was like rushing to the mailroom, the culprit rushed in, too,” Torres said. “And when they opened it up, they were like, ‘Oh my god.’ They were like, ‘I can’t say this is mine.’”


At that point, Torres says the person panicked and decided not to claim the shipment, which the office reported to the police.

“Officers were able to locate the package which contained twenty bags of a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana,” police wrote in a brief press release Wednesday. “The package and its contents were forwarded to the State Lab for analysis.”

Boston police said Thursday there were no updates in the investigation.

According to the voter-approved law legalizing adult-use marijuana in 2016, individuals are allowed to have up to one ounce of weed on them in public and up to 10 ounces in a private residence. For those interested in the math, 30 pounds equals 480 ounces.


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