35 photos of the gas explosions, fires in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover

A series of gas explosions and fires tore through Merrimack Valley on Thursday. A teenager was killed, at least 10 people were injured, and at least 39 homes were ignited.

Here are images from the scene and its aftermath.

Crews work to knock down a fire on Jefferson Street in Lawrence on Thursday.

Crews work on a fire on Jefferson Street in Lawrence.

People watch as crews work on Jefferson Street.

A police car blocks a road in a smoke-filled neighborhood as firefighters battle house fires in Lawrence.

A Salsbury Fire Department fireman turns off gas to a house in Lawrence.


Firefighters battle a fire in a house in Lawrence.

A boy uses a mask to protect himself from heavy smoke from a fire on Bowdoin Street in Lawrence.

Firefighters battle a house fire on Herrick Road in North Andover.

Crews battle a fire as a police officer directs traffic on Bowdoin Street in Lawrence.

Residents cover their faces to protect themselves from the smoke while being evacuated from homes as firefighters battle a fire on Bowdoin Street in Lawrence.

Emergency vehicles line up on Route 114 in Lawrence.

Firefighters gain entrance into a Lawrence house through a basement window to check the gas line.

Bruce Razin, 59, talks to his family on his cell phone outside his evacuated Lawrence neighborhood.

Firefighters inspect a North Andover home.

A North Andover home.

A firefighter on Bowdoin Street in Lawrence.


Workers stage at Columbia Gas of Massachusetts in Lawrence.

Firefighters on the scene of a fire on Bowdoin Street in Lawrence.

A man is illuminated only by the light of firetrucks as he walks down the street in Lawrence.

A home in North Andover.

Andover residents shelter at the senior center.

Andover residents shelter at the senior center.

On Friday, the front steps and walkway are what’s left of a home on Jefferson Street in Lawrence.

A damaged house on Bowdoin Street in Lawrence.

Michael Smolak, of Smolak Farms in North Andover, delivers a bag of baked goods to the emergency shelter set up at North Andover High School on Friday.

A bicyclist rides past a house on Springfield Street in Lawrence.

A Columbia Gas truck passes through a roadblock as a member of the state police talks to a pedestrian on Route 114 in North Andover at the Lawrence city line.


Carlos Morel walks past his daughter’s Lawrence home, which was blown off of its foundation.

The father of Leonel Rondon is embraced outside of the family’s home in Lawrence on Friday. Rondon was killed Thursday when a chimney from a house explosion landed on his car.

A destroyed home on Jefferson Street in Lawrence.

A worker with Columbia Gas stands over an open manhole as a crew works to make sure there are no gas leaks at the corner of Parker and Salem streets in Lawrence.

Inside a destroyed home on Brookfield Street in Lawrence.

On Friday, residents still can’t get in their homes, and a crowd of citizens gathers on North Andover’s Main Street around a Columbia Gas representative.

Firefighters and law enforcement personnel accompany Columbia Gas workers on Pleasant Street to gain access to homes via locksmiths and by going in through windows to check for gas leaks and to lock down gas meters.

A member of the Red Cross unloads a truck of donations to waiting volunteers outside the Parthum School in Lawrence.