Truck crashes, spills salad dressing on I-495

The truck driver suffered minor injuries, police said.

Spilled salad dressing snarled traffic on Interstate 495 southbound Monday morning after a Ken’s Steak House truck struck a bridge support and its contents dumped out on the highway near Exit 11 in Mansfield. 

State police reported on Twitter that only the left lane was open at 6:46 a.m. and Exit 11 was closed at that time.

The state Department of Transportation was called to the scene to address the spill, Lt. Tom Ryan said.

“It was kind of a mess,” he said.

The truck driver had minor injuries and was taken to Rhode Island Hospital, police said.

As of 9:11 a.m., police said the middle lane was open, but there were still “heavy delays” for motorists on I-495 southbound and I-95 northbound. 


Ryan didn’t know what kind of dressing spilled, he said.


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