Rats are finding rural habitat in Maine to their liking

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Rats are not just for cities any more. Residents of rural New England are reporting an increase, mirroring a trend nationwide.

Chance Strandell, of Brewer-based Maine Pest Solutions, said no one has concrete proof about what’s causing the rodent population to explode.

Rats are often associated with cities, and with poor sanitation. But the Bangor Daily News reports that the rat problem is cropping up in small towns.

Some blame the booming rat population on the same bumper crop of food last fall that propelled mice and squirrel populations. Other say warmer winters are to blame.


In Belfast, Pete Zuck said that he thought he eradicated them before, but that they keep coming back. He likened it to a horror movie when the villain keeps coming back to life.


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