Police seize alligator, snake, tarantulas from man at Comic-Con event in Framingham

The animals were in "poor condition," police said.

–Framingham Police Department via Facebook

Bringing an alligator to the Super Megafest Comic-Con event in Framingham on Saturday resulted in the arrest of a man and confiscation of not just the gator, but a python and two tarantulas.

Massachusetts Environmental Police said in a Facebook post that they were called to the event after someone spotted the alligator. 

In addition to the alligator, which measured about five feet long, police also found a Burmese python of about the same length and two rose-haired tarantulas.

“The animals were found to be in poor condition and were subsequently seized and turned over to a permitted entity that is qualified in proper care of reptiles,” police said.


The suspect, a 46-year-old Warwick man, as reported by The Boston Globe, was arrested on a separate warrant not related to this incident, but environmental police will also be summonsing him to Framingham District Court for illegal importation and possession of the alligator.


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