Shelter in place lifted at Boston University following search for man ‘seen with a firearm’

Police conducted a sweep of the Barnes and Noble in Kenmore Square, but were unable to locate the suspect.

Boston University temporarily issued a shelter in place for all buildings in and near Kenmore Square while police searched for a man seen with a gun at the Barnes and Noble.
–David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe, File

Police investigated a report of a man “seen with a firearm” in the Kenmore Square area Tuesday afternoon, entailing a search of the Barnes and Noble on Boston University’s campus, according to an emergency alert sent to students and staff of the school.

Officers responded to a report of man with a gun in the area of 833 Beacon St. around 1 p.m., and, when police confronted the suspect, he fled on foot. The weapon, an Airsoft pellet gun, was later located in the area, according to The Boston Globe.

The man was identified as a white male with a beard and curly hair, according to an alert. After fleeing from officers, he hopped on a Green Line train and then got off at Kenmore station, the Globe reports. That’s when he entered the Barnes and Noble, where the search continued.


During the hour-long ordeal, in which officers confined their manhunt to the store, BU issued a shelter in place for all buildings in and near the area, an alert said.

“Please remain calm and stay where you are,” the alert said. “Lock doors and stay away from Kenmore Square.”

State police, Boston police, and MBTA Transit Police conducted a sweep of the store, but were unable to locate the suspect, the Globe reports.

Campus police lifted the order around 2:13 p.m., concluding that the location was safe.

“Please resume your normal activities,” the latest alert said. “Thank you for your cooperation.”

During the investigation, service on the Green Line was temporarily disrupted while officers searched the tunnels and briefly faced residual delays, according to the MBTA.


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