What exactly is #SeedMABaby anyway?

Here's the program behind the eye-catching hashtag.

State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg during the SeedMABaby press conference.
State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg during the #SeedMABaby press conference. –State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg via Twitter

The program may be to help people save for their children’s college one day, but when State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg announced SeedMA Baby — and its matching hashtag (#SeedMABaby) — on Tuesday, Twitter users couldn’t help themselves.

Twitter jokes aside, through SeedMA Baby, every child born to or adopted by a Massachusetts resident starting on Jan. 1, 2020, will be eligible to have $50 placed into a 529 college savings account, according to a news release from Goldberg’s office.

The program was announced Tuesday morning during a press conference.

“Access to higher education is vital to the health of the Massachusetts economy,” Goldberg said in the release. “With the price of education increasing each year, we must ensure that individuals of every background and income level are equipped with the resources to finance their higher education and enter the workforce debt-free.”


Originally called SeedMA, Goldberg began the initiative in 2016 with focuses on certain communities.


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