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Groups battling over nurse ballot question have raised $29 million

Nurses rallied in August near Partners HealhCare in Somerville.

BOSTON (AP) — Groups supporting and opposing a ballot question that would require strict nurse-to-patient ratios in Massachusetts hospitals have raised a combined $29 million.

The Coalition to Protect Patient Safety — the group opposing the question — reported raising about $18 million as of mid-October. Nearly all the money has come from the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association.

The Committee to Ensure Safe Patient Care — which supports the question — has raised $11.3 million. Much of the funding has come from individual nurses and the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

In another ballot question battle, the group pushing to repeal the state’s 2016 transgender rights law reported raising about $442,000 as of Oct. 15 compared to the more than $3.7 million raised by the group hoping to preserve the law.


Election Day is Nov. 6.