Oh, deer! Doe crashes into workshop, killed crossing road

MORRISVILLE, Vt. (AP) — Reindeer might be at home in Santa’s workshop, but things didn’t go well for some deer that landed in a Vermont woodworking shop.

WCAX-TV reports that Paul Green was working at the Douglas P. Blake Jr. workshop in Morrisville Friday when a doe ran through the door, then crashed through a window to get back outside. A few minutes later, a fawn ran in and out, while the mother crashed into and out of another room in the building.

Office manager Kathy Stokes says when the doe finally raced off to a nearby highway bypass, it got hit by a dump truck and killed.


Nick Fortin, a deer biologist with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife, says with hunting season underway, people are going to see more deer in their yards.


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