A turkey chased after a Cheshire police cruiser — and it was caught on video

Police are now looking to identify the "subject."

Turkey chasing police cruiser
–Pittsfield Police Department via Facebook screenshot

The Pittsfield and Cheshire police departments are looking for help identifying a “subject” that happens to be of the feathery variety.

A video posted to the Pittsfield Police Department’s Facebook page, taken by Cheshire police, shows a turkey ambling along, appearing to chase a cruiser as it drives away.

“[Officer] Vandoloski reported that the subject attempted to get into his vehicle through an open window but had no explanation as to why,” Pittsfield police wrote. “Any information on the whereabouts of this subject please call the Cheshire Police Dept.”

One of the top Facebook comments from Bill Webster noted that the “suspect is considered unarmed and delicious.”


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