‘He was thrilled to see us’: Boston Children’s Hospital patient gets fire truck ride before surgery

“Boston does rise to the occasion when called to do so.”

Patient with Boston firefighters
–Boston Fire Department via Twitter

Surgery can be difficult at any age, but for a 10-year-old bound for Boston’s Children Hospital Monday morning, receiving a ride in a fire truck seemed to lighten the mood.

The boy and his family, from New Hampshire, who wished to remain unidentified, were headed to the hospital for a pre-operation appointment when the shiny red truck pulled up outside their hotel.

The moment the boy saw the truck was caught on video, and, as soon as it parks, he runs over to greet the firefighters.

“He was thrilled to see us,” Marc Sanders, a firefighter and spokesman with the department, told Boston.com. “We gave him a ride from the hotel over to Boston Children’s Hospital.”


Bethany Tripp, a spokeswoman with the hospital, said she’s seen police bring a child there before.

“This is my first fire department escort,” she said.

Sanders spoke of the sense of community in Boston.

“When people think about Boston Strong, this is just one spoke in the wheel,” he said. “Boston does rise to the occasion when called to do so.”