Truck splits in half after striking bridge in Billerica

The road was closed while officials cleared away debris.

Billerica truck
–Billerica Police Department via Twitter screenshot

Think Boston is the only place trucks are at risk of striking a low-clearance bridge or overpass?

Think again.

Billerica has its own type of “Storrowing,” and it comes in the form of an 11-foot-high bridge on Mount Pleasant Street.

Case in point, a tractor-trailer driver attempted to travel beneath the bridge around 11:38 a.m. Monday, and the entire load separated from the truck.

“It is unfortunately a very common area for truck strikes,” Billerica Police Deputy Chief Roy Frost said, citing the low height of the bridge, which serves the MBTA’s Lowell commuter rail line.

Similar incidents happen maybe twice or a few times a year, according to Frost.


The trucks end up heading toward the bridge if the driver misses a turn that would take them on a truck route after exiting Interstate 495 nearby, he said.

The driver wasn’t injured in Monday’s crash. The road was closed for part of the afternoon while debris was cleared, according to Frost.