An Everett woman was sitting in a car in her parents’ driveway. Then her estranged husband opened fire, police say.

“She was a lovely lady and very involved with the community.”

Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo.

An Everett woman well-known in the community was shot “several” times in the torso Wednesday morning, and her estranged husband has been charged with her death, law enforcement officials said.

Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo, 50, was pronounced dead in her vehicle when police arrived at 90 Central Ave. in Everett, her parents’ home, following a report of shots fired around 8:40 a.m., Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said during an afternoon press conference.

Less than a couple hours later, Emilio Matarazzo, 55, of Peabody, turned himself in at the Everett police department around 10:30 a.m. He was arrested and charged with his wife’s murder, Ryan said. He is expected to be arraigned in Malden District Court on Thursday.

The Matarazzos were reportedly going through divorce proceedings, and Ersilia Matarazzo was reportedly staying with her parents temporarily, according to the DA.


“There was some action in respect to the marriage,” she said.

The couple had three adult children together, according to Ryan.

Ersilia Matarazzo was reportedly about to head to work when the incident occurred in the driveway. She had worked at St. Anthony’s Parish for roughly 20 years, according to Everett Police Chief Steven Mazzie.

“It appears at this point to have been a long gun or shotgun-type weapon that was used,” Ryan said. “[Emilio Matarazzo] does have a license to carry.”

Ersilia Matarazzo was a second cousin to Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, who was grieving with the family at the time of the news conference. She also was a member of the city’s Board of Assessors and a past member of its Board of Registrars, according to Mazzie.


“She was a lovely lady and very involved with the community,” he said. “I’ve dealt with her at community events, etc., and, like I said, she was well-known, well-liked, well-respected, large extended family, and it’s just sad to see something like this happen to a person like that around the holiday season.”

Everett High School was on lockdown for a time after the shooting, but that has since been lifted.

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