4 dead puppies found in a plastic bag on side of Connecticut road

Necropsies are planned.

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — Animal control officers are investigating the deaths of four puppies found in a plastic shopping bag on the side of a Connecticut road.

Middletown police say a city resident found the puppies Sunday morning. Officials say all the puppies were male and appeared to be poodle or cocker spaniel mixed breeds. They were black with some white on their chins, chests and paws.

Police say the puppies were about two weeks old and appeared to have been dead only a few hours. Authorities say they were too young to adopt and should have remained with their mother.


Necropsies are planned.

Middletown animal control officers are asking anyone with information to call them. They say someone may know of a dog that just had puppies that are no longer around.