Facebook named its new Cambridge office conference rooms after ‘Sweet Caroline’ lyrics

"Buh Buh Buh."

Media and guests tour Facebook's new 130,000-square-foot offices, which occupy the top three floors of a 10-story building in Cambridge. Elise Amendola / AP

Facebook is expanding its presence in the Boston area, and its new office conference rooms are “so good, so good, so good.”

Or at least that’s the name of one of them.

Yes, a row of rooms in the company’s new Cambridge office near Kendall Square are named in tribute to the love-it-or-hate-it Fenway Park rendition of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” Facebook spokesman Tom Parnell confirmed Wednesday.

The social media giant announced the opening of its new 100 Binney St. office on Wednesday, amid plans to grow its local team to more than 600 employees. And this is what happens when you let the employees name the conference rooms.


In what has become a “long-standing tradition” at the company, Facebook had its current staff of more than 200 employees come up with the names and then vote on their favorites, according to Parnell.

“Based on votes, we pulled together the most popular and they’re now proudly displayed throughout the new office,” he said.

Just make sure not to get the “Buh Buh Buh” and “Bah Bah Bah” rooms confused.

Facebook provided tours of the new 130,000-square-foot, open-concept office space to media outlets and other guests this week. The locally inspired room names aren’t the only Very Boston™ feature.

Among the dozens of other conference rooms are names referring to the colloquial pronunciations of local Massachusetts cities (Billrickah, Glawstah, Wusstah), the Boston Marathon (Left On Boylston, Heartbreak Hill), MBTA delays (Signal Problems, Disabled Train), local breweries, popular food spots (Bagelsaurus, Dunkin’), and famous local leaders and celebrities.

The three-story office includes a Cheers-inspired bar, locally designed art, and footpaths on each floor for walking meetings and tours. One of the paths is designed to look like the brick inlays of Boston’s Freedom Trail. Another is measured in Smoots, the unit created by MIT students to measure the Harvard Bridge. And a third presents a diagram of the Red Line, which Parnell says harkens back to Facebook’s “Cambridge roots,” referring to founder Mark Zuckerberg’s creation of the platform while attending Harvard in 2004.


The Freedom Trail footpath painted on the floor around the office.

The office cafe also serves a variety of local Boston cuisine on a daily basis, such as steamed clams and chowder.

In addition to its Menlo Park, California headquarters, Facebook also has offices in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., as well as more than 40 international offices.

It’s not uncommon for tech companies to employ some rather creative conference room names. And while Facebook’s workplace culture has come under recent scrutiny, Parnell says the naming of the rooms is a morale-boosting way to involve employees.

“We want employees to be a part of the process and ensure their voice is heard,” he said. “It’s a great way to inject creativity and a personal touch into each space.”

Here’s the full list of conference room names at Facebook’s new offices:

Hardware Lab


Smuggler’s Cover (Secret Room)

P Versus NP

Hodge Conjecture

Riemann Hypothesis

Yang-Mills Existence

Navier-Stokes Existence & Smoothness


Autumn Crisp









Flannel Friday

Sushi Tuesday

Boston Strong

Marathon Monday

Right On Hereford

Left On Boylston

Wellesley Scream Tunnel

Heartbreak Hill

Signal Problems

Disabled Train

Ongoing Track Work

Fire On The Tracks

Mechanical Problem

Keytar Jam Session

Traffic Up Ahead

The Third Rail Shorts When It Floods

Dirty Water

Sox Vs. Yankees

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Night Shift


Jack’s Abby


Magic Hat

Sam Adams


Shy Guy Falls

Peach Beach

Moo Moo Farm

Toad’s Turnpike

Boston Roof Deck

Hack Shack


Top of the Hub



It Builds Character

Attack of the Snowgoons


The Noodle Incident

Spaceman Spiff

Neptune Oyster

Mike’s Pastry

JP Licks

Bobbi Gibb

Bessie Stringfield

Melnea Cass

Quiet Room

Lucy Stone

Isabella Stewart Gardner

Angelina Grimke

Phillis Wheatley

Maria Mitchell

Amy Poehler

Aly Raisman