This eerily perfect circle of ice is floating in a Maine river

"It looks like a picture from space."

–City of Westbrook

A mysterious sight is capturing attention in Westbrook, Maine.

An eerily perfect — and gigantic — circle of ice has appeared in the Presumpscot River. Within the bounds of the disk, the river’s water is frozen in place, propelled by passing currents to rotate slowly like a giant, icy turntable.

“It looks like the moon has landed in Westbrook, Maine!” the city wrote of the mottled blue and white chunk of ice.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the moon-shaped piece of ice is about 100 yards across and has been growing in size.

“It kind of looks like a crop circle,” Doug Bertlesman, a web developer who works in a building overlooking the spot where the spinning circle of ice formed, told the newspaper.


Rob Mitchell, who owns a nearby office building, told the Press Herald he notified the city on Monday morning when he spotted the otherworldly chunk of ice.

“There were ducks sitting on it,” he said. “The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan. It was a big duck-go-round.”

The uncanny nature of the ice has not gone unnoticed on social media. 

“It looks like a picture from space,” wrote Tiffany Nelson on the city’s Facebook page.

“It’s where the aliens landed,” Larry Liston commented.

When another city resident shared a drone video of the ice rotating, Rachael Delcourt referenced another legend from the city — the large tropical snake nicknamed “Wessie” who made the river home in 2016.

“The Return of Wessie,” she wrote of the ice disk.

“It’s pretty wild to look at,” Bertlesman told the Press Herald. “It’s certainly not every day that you can watch a spinning circle of ice in the river.”

The city shared a video of the “Westbrook Ice Disk,” encouraging people to go check it out from the nearby River Walk.