Cannabis-infused seltzer, cold brew coffee, and tea? This Mass. company is planning to make all three.

TINC is building a new headquarters in Georgetown with plans to have their beverages sold at marijuana dispensaries in the state.

From left are TINC's chief operating officer Matt Melander, and co-founders Troy Brosnan and Eric Rogers.
From left are TINC's chief operating officer, Matt Melander, and co-founders, Troy Brosnan and Eric Rogers. –Courtesy of Eric Rogers

With the dawn of cannabis-infused seltzer, the new drinks may just be enough for some to shelve their beloved LaCroix — or perhaps, their favorite craft beer.

TINC, a company that came together by the two owners’ drive to pursue cannabis beverages, will soon call a new building in Georgetown home. The TINC headquarters, complete with a cannabis extraction lab, product development area, and space to can the beverages, should be finished by April or May, according to Eric Rogers, a TINC co-owner.

The seltzer is only the beginning. Rogers and his business partner, Troy Brosnan, also plan on developing a cold brew coffee and tea. All the beverages will have 5 milligrams of THC.


“We wanted to focus on sort of creating premium hand-crafted beverages … that are aligned for the adult audience,” Rogers said.

One of the focuses of TINC, which still needs state approval to operate, is what goes in the beverages, according to Rogers. Branding was what he and Brosnan focused on when they first began working together in November 2016 and officially created TINC as a company in February 2017.

“We wanted to create great-tasting beverages for a healthy, active consumer,” Rogers said.

This means the drinks are “all-natural,” and they don’t have added sugar. “We wanted all of our drinks to stand on their own,” he said.

While the two are continuing to develop their products and flavors, one of the big focuses is creating different effects.

“Given the dynamic nature of the cannabis plant, there’s a lot we can do from an effects perspective,” Rogers said. “So one [drink] being more uplifting, creative, energetic, whereas another might be more relaxing, social, chatty, and engaging, where another might be relaxing, anti-anxiety.”

Consumers can choose a beverage based on what situation they’re in — maybe an athlete wants to recover and has a TINC beverage to help with relaxation and relieving tension, according to Rogers. Another consumer may drink a seltzer to improve their energy before doing yoga, he said. Part of TINC’s aim is to make a cannabis product that helps to break down stereotypes about cannabis use.


“We were trying to create products that would have sort of low barriers of entry and would be approachable for new and established consumers,” Rogers said.

Customers won’t be able to buy TINC products at the new headquarters, but they will be sold at dispensaries, according to Rogers. While officials have said it could be “years” before there’s cannabis cafes, Rogers said TINC is open to the idea of a “tasting room” in the future. 

“We were very interested in creating a tasting room or cafe,” he said. “We’re very excited to see what the state is able to accomplish from a social consumption perspective and then how we can help to create new experiences for consumers in the market.”