‘It’s an anomaly’: Police release new information on the search for Adam Camarato

The 32-year-old from Eliot, Maine, hasn’t been seen or heard from since he left a Portsmouth bar on April 27.

Adam Camarato
Adam Camarato –Courtesy of Jamie Fultz

New Hampshire police released new details Wednesday about the search for a missing Maine man who was last seen leaving a Portsmouth bar three weeks ago.

Portsmouth Police Chief Robert Merner told reporters at a press conference Wednesday that the investigation into the disappearance of Adam Camarato, 32, of Eliot, Maine, remains active and ongoing.

“Based on everything that we know right now, we have no reason to suspect foul play,” Merner said.

Camarato was at the Clipper Tavern in Portsmouth until around closing time during the early hours of April 27.

Merner said the 32-year-old was at the establishment with a former co-worker, but that Camarato left the bar while his friend was in the bathroom.


“He walked away alone,” Merner said.

The last sign of Camarato that police have is the 32-year-old walking toward the bridge to Maine around 1:17 a.m. In surveillance video, Camarato appeared to be “somewhat intoxicated,” the chief said.

“We’re able to at least put him walking northbound on State Street in Portsmouth, heading towards Maine, about 10 to 15 minutes after he left the Clipper Tavern, and he is alone,” Merner said. “So at this time we’ll continue with our investigation.”

Working with the Coast Guard and other agencies, police are sweeping the shorelines, waterways, and the local area, the chief said.

Camarato’s phone is either shut off or out of battery, Merner said, adding that it is not believed the 32-year-old father turned off his phone because he didn’t want to be found.  

“We don’t consider him a victim at this time,” the chief said.

Camarato’s family said they knew something was wrong when he didn’t show up to pick up his sons on April 27.

“He’s an amazing dad,” Jamie Fultz, Camarato’s sister, told Boston.com on Tuesday. “He loves his boys. He’s so happy when he has them, always trying to do fun things with them.”


Fultz started a Facebook page to spread word of his disappearance.  

“No matter what the situation is we want him to come home,” she said. “We need to know that he’s out there and that he’s safe. And no matter what the situation is, we just want him back. No matter what it could be, we just want him back. We’re all here for him. We love him very much, we miss him. We are doing everything that we can to try to bring him home and anything that we can do we’re going to be there for him.”

During the press conference, police also addressed an allegation made by another man on Facebook that he was slipped a “date rape drug” at the Clipper Tavern on May 12 and was approached by a man outside the bar who offered him a ride.

Merner said police have interviewed the man who wrote the post and that there is “virtual certainty” that there is no connection to Camarato’s disappearance.

“We are doing two completely separate investigations,” Merner said. “There is no connection at this time with either of these cases.”

Police urged anyone who may have seen or spoken to Camarato at the Clipper Tavern on April 27, or any time thereafter, to contact the department at 603-436-2145.

“For someone to go missing like this, the report to come in, and for this to go on for this amount of time, it’s an anomaly,” Merner said.


Watch the full press conference below:


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