Woman accused of assaulting clerk in N.H. gas station

An officer subdued Beth Whittaker, 25, with a stun gun.

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — A woman in New Hampshire is accused of smashing a clerk in the face with a wine bottle and throwing a bag of charcoal at a police officer.

A clerk told police that 25-year-old Beth Whittaker, entered the Manchester gas station on Wednesday night and began throwing items around. She picked up other items and tried to leave; the clerk brought her back inside and called police.

The clerk said Whittaker took a bottle of wine and hit him, giving him a bloody nose.

A police officer told her to stop and used a stun gun on her after the bag of charcoal was thrown at him. The officer got her to the ground.


Whittaker was arraigned Thursday on assault, criminal threatening, and other charges. It wasn’t immediately known if she had a lawyer.