Montpelier High graduate repays cost of prank 25 years later

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A high school prankster who damaged school property in Vermont is finally paying the price — and then some — just in time for his 25th reunion.

As a Montpelier High School senior, Michael Burzycki painted and stitched together tarps to create a 60-by-16-foot banner that read “LIVE LONG AND PROSPER CLASS OF 1994.” He and a classmate lugged it up to the school’s roof and triumphantly hung it up outside the auditorium. But water bottles they used to weigh down the corners ended up breaking a window.

Principal Peter Clarke didn’t punish him. Instead he handed him a bill for $1,994, due at Burzycki’s 25th reunion.


Burzycki told WPTZ-TV that he has the money but wanted to do more, she started a GoFundMe page for the school that has raised more than $5,000.


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