St. Louis won a bet with the MBTA. But Twitter users say taking over the T’s account is no prize.

“@STLMetro, you won the #StanleyCup but I somehow think you managed to lose this bet.”

A Red Line train derailed at JFK/Umass station during the morning commute on Tuesday.

It has been a tough week for the MBTA.

The transit agency is already facing intense scrutiny and backlash after two train derailments in a matter of days have snarled commutes. And now, following the Bruins’ crushing Game 7 loss to the Blues in the Stanley Cup Final, it has to make good on a bet.

At the start of the series, the MBTA and the St. Louis MetroLink decided to forgo the traditional wager of local delicacies and agreed that the agency with the Cup-winning team would get to “takeover” the loser’s Twitter page.

The MBTA congratulated the St. Louis transportation agency on Wednesday evening and confirmed it would hold up its end of the bargain.


In response, Twitter users suggested that the St. Louis MetroLink should take over more than the T’s social media page, with jokes about the MBTA pouring in.

“Guarantee that the MBTA will be late delivering on its bet,” wrote one person.

“Waiting on the Ashmont platform for 15 minutes praying for an update and I won’t get it because the @mbta is trying to show how hip and cool they are…,” Joe Falinski wrote.

“Can they also take over track and train maintenance for a week?” wrote one user. “I’m terrified of the T going for its own hat trick.”

“@STLMetro could you also take over our whole transit system as well, we Bostonians would appreciate some new leadership,” wrote another.

“The bruins played like a red line train tonight so this is appropriate,” John Hutchings added.

“@STLMetro, you won the #StanleyCupbut I somehow think you managed to lose this bet,” Tim Sullivan wrote.

Jerry Vallely, a communications manager with the St. Louis MetroLink, told on Thursday that the transit agency will not actually be tweeting from the MBTA’s account. Rather, St. Louis will send over a photo to replace the image currently on the T’s page, similar to when politicians wear the jersey of an opposing team after losing a bet.


“It’s a good-natured bet between two fierce rivals,” he said.