A recent survey rated which grocery stores are cleanest. See which stores with New England locations made the list.

Consumer Reports rated 96 different supermarket chains.

–The Boston Globe, File

When it comes to grocery stores, shoppers usually have their favorites for one reason or another. But if you’ve ever wondered if your preferred store is cleaner than other chains across the country, Consumer Reports has that answer.

Of the 96 stores reviewed by over 75,000 of the magazine’s members, Market Basket received top marks, along with Wegmans and Trader Joe’s, among several others. Roche Bros., thought not at the top, also did well.

Consumer Reports broke out the cleanliness element from an overall survey of supermarkets nationwide, released in April. In those results, Market Basket and Wegmans were among the top tier; Trader Joe’s was the only national store chain to place at that level.


In terms of how cleanliness is rated, Consumer Reports turned to Danvers-based Cleaning Services Group, which said criteria included availability of hand sanitizers, clean floors, “spotless entries,” quickly cleaning up spills, and bathroom cleanliness.

“Cleanliness has a large impact on your overall opinion of your grocery store, our results show,” Jane Manweiler, a CR survey research associate, said in a recent article for the magazine.

If you’re curious which markets sat at the bottom of the list, they included Walmart Supercenters, plus Tops and Key Food, Eastern-based grocers.

For the overall scores, Market Basket and Trader Joe’s were among the top six for competitive pricing, the magazine said.

“They have fabulous prices, consistently lower than the other stores in the neighborhood,” Mary Jo Lamade said of Market Basket in Biddeford, Maine, Consumer Reports noted.


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