Live updates on shark sightings and news in Massachusetts

With beach season upon us, stay informed on what researchers on saying about great whites and sharks swimming in Bay State waters.

In this May, 22, 2019, photo, a woman walks with her dogs at Newcomb Hollow Beach, where a boogie boarder was bitten by a shark and later died of his injuries the previous summer, in Wellfleet, Mass. Cape Cod beaches open this holiday weekend, just months after two shark attacks, one of which was fatal, rattled tourists, locals and officials. Some precautionary new measures, such as emergency call boxes, have yet to be installed along beaches where great whites are known to frequent. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
–The Associated Press

Great white sharks are back in Massachusetts waters, and, with the start of the beach-going season, officials on Cape Cod are on high alert

Already this week, researchers with the state and Atlantic White Shark Conservancy have tagged two white sharks off Nauset Beach and one off Chatham. The researchers also witnessed two predations off Monomoy and a third on Wednesday. 


Earlier this week, a drone operator captured rare footage of two great whites crossing paths off the coast of Chatham.

“We had been seeing a number of scars and wounds on white sharks that were clearly exhibited by other white sharks,” Greg Skomal, who leads the Massachusetts Shark Research Program, told “But we’d never actually seen these interactions. So to actually get a video that shows a smaller white shark really approaching and appearing to be somewhat aggressive with another white shark gives us insight into how these kinds of wounding patterns may be happening.”


As of Thursday morning, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s app that tracks shark sightings in the state — Sharktivity — listed more than a handful of reports of the ocean predators over the last 48 hours. 

Below, stay informed on what researchers are saying about shark sightings as you head to the beach.