Watch: A whale leaps from the ocean’s surface, scattering fish, off Gloucester

“Wow, that was crazy!"

A whale leapt from the ocean depths, slicing through the rippling surface and scattering dozens of fish dwarfed by its size — and the whole thing was caught on video.

Doug Shatford captured the moment just off the coast of Magnolia, a portion of Gloucester, on Wednesday. Caitlyn Shatford, his daughter, posted the video on Facebook.

“Wow, that was crazy!” Doug Shatford can be heard exclaiming in the background of the video as the whale emerges from the ocean. “Look at that, he’s waving to me. Oh, I love him, he’s beautiful. See you later, buddy. I love you.”


Shatford shot the video Wednesday evening. He had been near Shore Road in Magnolia when he noticed the whale. Fortunately, his boat was in the nearby harbor.

“I said, ‘I’m going to go see him,'” he said. “I jumped in my boat.”

There were some other people in boats near the whales when Shatford arrived just off Kettle Cove Island.

“We saw the spouts going, we saw a couple moving or jumping,” he said. “Then everybody left, the whales looked like they were going out to sea.”

But then it happened – Shatford realized the whales weren’t finished with the area and realized they were close. He quickly put his boat in reverse.

“And then boom, that whale came out of nowhere,” he said.

Shatford thinks his wife, Shelly, who passed away from cancer about a year-and-a-half ago, was with him at the time.

“And I think she had me see that wonderful site to show everybody,” he said.

Shatford said he wasn’t scared.

“I barely even flinched,” he said. “It was like, I thought I would be scared. It was too beautiful to be scared. … I was loving it.”


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