Reflective hot air balloon makes unexpected landing along Mass. highway

“The balloon was deflated and trucked the rest of [its] journey.”

A reflective hot air balloon tied to the art project, New Horizon, landed on along a highway in Andover.
–Twitter via @JayPreems

Things may have seemed normal for commuters along Route 125 in Andover Monday morning — that is until a shiny, 100-foot-tall hot air balloon plopped to the ground along the highway.

The silvery, reflective hot air balloon is part of New Horizon, a traveling art project that is visiting Trustees of Reservations properties throughout the state this summer for coinciding events.

The balloon was reportedly making a free flight when Mother Nature suddenly changed the wind direction and, instead of making it to the Crane Estate in Ipswich, it landed along the roadway, making for an interesting spectacle.

“The wind shifted and the balloon was not able to land in its designated spot, so they chose the closest open spot they could land,” Kristi Perry, a spokeswoman with the Trustees, said via email.


The balloon had set off from the Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover earlier in the morning, according to a Facebook post.

“Everyone is okay,” the post said. “The balloon was deflated and trucked the rest of [its] journey.”

State police also confirmed via phone that there were no injuries, and the balloon didn’t snarl traffic.