Photo shows proximity of shark to Wellfleet beach after it was closed to swimming

Newcomb Hollow Beach was closed for two days in a row this week due to shark sightings.

A Wellfleet beach was closed to swimmers on Wednesday after a shark was spotted nearby, and a photo captured from above shows just how near the great white was to shore. 

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy said Wayne Davis, their spotter pilot, observed the shark lingering off Newcomb Hollow Beach after swimmers were ordered out of the water. 

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy warned beachgoers that August through October are the peak months for great white activity off Cape Cod. 

Whether or not a sighting is reported, we advise caution and recommend not venturing beyond waist deep water,” the nonprofit wrote. 


Wednesday was the second day in a row the Wellfleet beach was closed to swimmers due to sharks observed in the water, the Boston Globe reports. Newcomb Hollow was the beach where a 26-year-old from Revere, Arthur Medici, was fatally bitten by a shark in September while he was boogie boarding.

According to Sharktivity, the conservancy’s free app that provides information on great white sightings and movements in Massachusetts, there have been about 10 reported sightings of sharks off the Cape — and one off Martha’s Vineyard — in the last 48 hours.   


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