Indoor skydiving is coming to Patriot Place

The facility has been in the planning stages for over five years.

For anyone who’s wanted to try skydiving, but gets the jitters at the thought of jumping out of the side of an airplane, Patriot Place will (relatively) soon have an answer: Indoor skydiving.

The Freedom Wind Tunnel is set to open at the home of the Patriots next October, according to its website. Patriots Place recently announced the new addition on its Facebook page.

The new indoor skydiving facility is the brainchild of Neal Gouck, listed as Freedom Wind’s chief experience officer, who also serves as the assistant dean of UMass Dartmouth’s business college. The North Attleboro resident detailed how he and his wife, Sally, came up with the idea.


“My love for skydiving began as a cadet at West Point on the sport parachute team called the Black Knights,” he wrote on the Patriot Place website. “I remember my first jump, sort of like coming to a single point in my entire young life.”

That first jump was just the beginning – Gouck leapt out of a plane 50 additional times, and also trained in a wind tunnel.

“At that time, I recognized how great tunnels were for replicating free fall and as a training aid for skydivers and military soldiers,” he said.

Gouck’s wife suggested having a wind tunnel built at Patriot Place, and the idea took off from there. Gouck said he traveled around Europe — France, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain — and visited different indoor skydiving places. After over five years of planning, the facility is ready to come to fruition.

“Being a local, family-owned, veteran small business, we are happy to be able to share this (soon-to-be) flying experience with our amazing community,” Gouck said.