This Mass. teen got invited to Taylor Swift’s Nashville home for a preview of her upcoming album

“Lover” comes out on Aug. 23.

Taylor Swift and Haley DiPietrantonio.
Taylor Swift and Haley DiPietrantonio. –Photo provided by Haley DiPietrantonio

Haley DiPietrantonio has been listening to Taylor Swift since she was in fourth grade. Last weekend, the Medford 18-year-old was flown out to Swift’s Nashville home for a secret listening party of her upcoming album, “Lover.”

DiPietrantonio was thrilled when Swift’s team reached out to her through the fan page she runs on Tumblr, alltooswxft. She said she knew what the message was about as soon as she saw it.

“Everyone knows what that means,” she said.

Swift is known for interacting with her fans on social media, and DiPietrantonio said the pop star has been following her blog for years. The singer is also famous for not making anyone pay to meet her; she and her team reportedly handpick hardcore fans for experiences like this listening party.


DiPietrantonio said she found out about her invite while she was at work and threw her phone across the room, but she couldn’t tell her coworkers why since the listening parties are top secret.

Swift made Rice Krispies treats for the fans, and they all sat together in her living room to listen to the upcoming album, DiPietrantonio said.

“She told us all of her secrets,” she said. “She was so kind, trusting us. She, like, trusts us as her best friends. She loves her fans so much.”

At least one other Massachusetts teen, 16-year-old Caroline Jackson, was invited to the singer’s Nashville home, WBZ reported. DiPietrantonio said she met a few other fans from Massachusetts.

Both fans said Swift knew them by name when they walked in and took her time speaking with everyone one-on-one. The Tennesseean reported Swift stayed up until 5 a.m. chatting and posing for photos with everyone.

DiPietrantonio had never met Swift before Sunday, and she said the experience just made her love the singer more. She said she’s always been drawn to how “unapologetically honest” Swift is in her songs.

“They’re personal stories that have actually happened to her, so that’s why it’s so easy to relate to her,” DiPietrantonio said. “She tells her life stories through songwriting.”


Swifties have been tweeting “Lover” buzz for weeks, but the secret sessions sparked some new rumors about what the album might sound like, with some fans comparing it to Swift’s earlier work, “Speak Now.”

“Lover” comes out on Aug. 23.


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