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A Cambridge officer tried to pull a yogurt cup off a skunk’s head without getting sprayed. He got sprayed.

"Officer McGinty’s good deed led to a stinky punishment (and multiple showers)."

Screenshot / Cambridge Police Department

A Cambridge police officer may have saved a skunk that had a yogurt cup stuck on its head, but he didn’t come away unscathed.

Police were called to Danehy Dog Park around 6:30 a.m. Monday morning to give the disoriented animal a hand, the department wrote on Facebook, sharing a video of the rescue effort that ensued.

“With the skunk clearly in distress, Officer McGinty heroically stepped up and attempted to successfully pull off the cup without any consequences,” police wrote. “While we are happy to report that the skunk was freed and uninjured, Officer McGinty’s good deed led to a stinky punishment (and multiple showers). Special shout out to our fleet maintenance crew too, as they had to tackle the deskunking of Officer McGinty’s vehicle.”