A new 7-story spinning ride is coming to Six Flags New England next year

Buckle up.

If twirling through the air at high speeds is one of the things you love about theme parks, Six Flags New England is bringing in just the ride for you.

The Supergirl Sky Flyer will debut at the park in 2020, according to an announcement from the park.

“Drawing on her powers of stamina and strength, thrill seekers spin and tilt, all while suspended from the whirling wheel of justice,” the theme park’s website says. “Riders are raised up by a giant arm, feet dangling, and then launched into a high-speed spin…round and round…higher and higher…head over heels!”


The ride seats 24 people, according to the website, and enters an almost vertical spin, almost like a ferris wheel for thrill seekers.

The ride is planned to be part of the DC Super Hero Adventures area of the park, the website says. It opened at Six Flags St. Louis earlier this summer.


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