For months, the world visited the Mighty Quinn’s window. On Sunday, the 3-year-old got to go outside.

“Quinn’s still got a long road ahead but he is healthy enough to come out of the house in small doses.”

On Sunday, Quinn Waters was not at the window of his Weymouth home.

The 3-year-old, who has become known across the country as “The Mighty Quinn,” had been forced to stay indoors since June after three rounds of chemotherapy to fight his brain tumor depleted his immune system. In the months since, the toddler has received scores of visitors at the window of his Weymouth home — his “Quinn-dow” — to bring the outside world to the boy as he battles brain cancer.

And on Sunday, the 3-year-old made his first trip outside — to Nantasket Beach.

A few days earlier, Quinn’s family had announced it would be the last weekend that the window would be open, as he becomes more independent. 


The 3-year-old’s father, Jarlath Waters, thanked everyone who visited the Quinn-dow over the summer for their support. 

Our fantastic friends, family and community have made Quinn’s months of isolation very very special,” he wrote. “Quinn’s still got a long road ahead but he is healthy enough to come out of the house in small doses. Something we all take for granted. Feeling the grass or the sand beneath your toes.”