Family holding vigil to spread awareness about Hanson woman missing since August


Sandra Crispo.
Sandra Crispo. –Hanson Police Department

Hanson woman Sandra Crispo has been missing since Aug. 7. Her family is holding a vigil Saturday in her honor to spread the word about her disappearance.

The vigil will take place from noon to 1:30 p.m. at 542 Liberty St. in Hanson. It will mark nearly 60 days since Crispo was last seen.

On Aug. 12, police said there was no reason to suspect foul play in Crispo’s disappearance.

The top of a website set up by her family,, reads “PEOPLE DON’T VANISH – WE NEED THE COMMUNITY’S HELP.”

It then explains the apparent circumstances of the disappearance.

“A devoted mother and grandmother who would never abandon her family at her own will. Sandra vanished from her home — air conditioning still running, lights on, backdoor unlocked, and her beloved dog without food or water,” the website reads. “She did not have a history of depression and had watermelon cut in the fridge ready for a sleepover with her grandchildren that Friday night.”


Crispo moved from Quincy to Hanson about three months before she was last seen, according to her family.

She is about 5-foot-9 with a slender build, brown hair, and blue eyes.

Anyone with information on her location is asked to contact the Hanson Police Department at 781-293-4625.


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