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VIDEO: Little Maltese confronts coyotes in Westborough and lives to bark about it

“He got lucky, he got very lucky."

A David and Goliath-like scenario unfolded between a Maltese in Westborough and a pack of coyotes when they ganged up on the small dog Thursday night.

Fortunately for Louie, the coyote that grabbed him didn’t have a firm enough grip and he was able to escape what could have been a fatal encounter.

It was a typical evening, Louie’s owner Stacey Israel told Boston 25. Louie and his canine sister, Lilly, were let outside that evening. Israel said there’s an invisible fence, so the furry pair usually go out, do their business, and head back inside off leash.

But surveillance video shows Louie stand up a couple times on his hind legs. Then the pack of coyotes comes in for the attack. Meanwhile, Lilly had run back to the house, Israel told the news station.

Westborough dog vs coyotes

Look closely! Louie the Maltese faced off against a pack of coyotes. Now residents in this Westborough community are on high alert. boston25.com/32XgRIw

Posted by Boston 25 News on Friday, October 4, 2019

“I heard him barking, and I knew the minute he started barking there was something out there,” Israel said in the interview with the station as Louie sat on her lap, bulbous eyes sparkling, tongue out. “I started screaming, and then he ran through the bushes. … I was horrified, horrified.”


Luckily for Louie, he escaped with just a small cut on his back.

“He got lucky, he got very lucky,” Israel said. “They picked him up way down by his back instead of by his neck so he didn’t have a good grip.”