This Braintree family went all-out for Halloween. Not everyone is pleased.

“It’s too loud.”


One Braintree family turned its front yard into a flashing, singing homage to Halloween. The neighbors aren’t pleased.

Denise McDonough told WBZ she and her four children spent hours covering their Liberty Street yard in faux gravestones, a haunted tree, projected witches, and other spooky decor.

One of the decorations — a trio of talking pumpkins — involves surround-sound technology.

“Seeing the joy in my own kids is, like, what makes this all worth it,” she told the news station.

Beverly Darch, a neighbor of McDonough, said the noise is too much.

“It’s too loud,” she said. “It upsets my husband because our bedroom is right outside of their driveway.”

Darch also told WBZ the decorations make the neighborhood look “cheesy” and look bad when they deflate during the day.

McDonough said her neighbor’s complaints just made her decide to ramp up the decor.

“Maybe a little bit of spite,” she told WBZ.