N.H. police station becomes temporary chicken coop during storm

"We like the name 'Officer Peck.'"

–Derry Police Department

After a New Hampshire resident lost electricity due to the storm Wednesday night into Thursday, part of the Derry police station became a chicken coop.

Police said on Facebook that resident Michelle Sullivan has some eggs that are about to hatch and a group of chicks that are just 2 weeks old.

She brought them, and supplies, to the station Thursday morning, and the department offered one of its interview rooms to house the chickens.

“The chicks were kept nice and warm and the baby chicks, according to Michelle, could hatch at any time – one even had its tiny beak out of the shell!” police said.


The department said it was happy to help the small feathery residents.

“We can’t wait to meet the little chicks once they hatch – ps: we like the name ‘Officer Peck,’” police said.

Derry Police Department
Derry Police Department

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