2 residents contract Legionnaire’s Disease at a Salem apartment complex

“It’s crazy, it’s absolutely crazy, like, who would have thought?!”

Two people came down with Legionnaires’ Disease at a Salem apartment complex earlier this month, and test results showed the building’s water system was to blame.

Officials at Pequot Highlands Complex said the Salem Board of Health contacted them on Oct. 3 about the incidents of the illness, which is a form of pneumonia. Residents were told two days later and testing began on Oct. 7, according to NBC 10 Boston. Tests showed positive results for the bacteria that causes the illness in the complex’s water system.

This past Saturday, residents couldn’t use sinks or showers while work was performed on the building. The work was planned to last between 24 and 30 hours, the news station said.


“By Friday they shut down the water and they gave us big jugs of water and baby wipes,” Yolanda Messado, a resident, told WHDH. “It’s crazy, it’s absolutely crazy, like, who would have thought?!”

Shower heads and faucets were replaced, and the water was turned back on on Sunday, WHDH reported.

“We’re pleased we were able to move quickly to resolve this situation,” building management for Pequot Highlands said in a statement obtained by WHDH. “We appreciate the patience shown by residents and the support we received from local and state health officials.”


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