A Somerville fire truck got stuck in a sinkhole while responding to a water main break

"All I heard was this loud crunch."

A Somerville fire truck got caught in a sinkhole late Thursday night as crews responded to the scene of a water main break.

Officials say firefighters were trying to reposition the truck as they were responding to the break on Broadway when the street crumbled and sunk the rear right tire into the road, WHDH reports.

“They turned the rig to come into the complex and all I heard was this loud crunch, so I honestly just thought that the driver had crashed and cut the curb too tight and the tire rode off the curb,” Yvette Hughes, who heard the incident, told the news station.


The truck was towed out of the hole and did not sustain serious damage, WHDH said.

Workers fixed the water main break and sinkhole overnight while service was temporarily suspended for some customers, according to the station.


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