‘Somebody must have broken her’: Video surfaces of Lynn teacher’s outburst on students

Some students say the class had been showing her ongoing disrespect.

A teacher at Lynn Classical High School raised her voice to a classroom of students Wednesday afternoon, the incident caught on video. But the footage isn’t the whole story, as some students say their peers have been showing the teacher ongoing disrespect.

In the video, the teacher appears to walk quickly through an aisle in the classroom.

“Get out, it’s 2:30,” she says in a raised voice. “I hate you.”

Sophomore Gavin Kennedy, who wasn’t in the classroom, said students had been “tormenting her,” according to Boston 25 News.

“They have no respect for this woman,” he told the news station. “All the kids around the school are saying you should have respect for your teachers.”


School Superintendent Patrick Tutwiler didn’t comment on any disciplinary measures in a statement to Boston 25.

“Student and staff physical and emotional safety is our foremost priority,” he said, according to the news station. “All current and next steps are toward ensuring those ends. As this is a personnel matter, I cannot comment further.”

Skylar Atkinson, who graduated from Lynn Classical and knows the teacher, said she hadn’t seen her act that way in the past, according to Boston 25.

“Somebody must have broken her,” she said.

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