Trooper accused of lewd act at Luke Bryan concert has charges dismissed, remains suspended without pay

"I’ve done nothing to deserve the type of slander and public shaming that I’ve experienced through the media.”

An off-duty state trooper accused of lewd behavior during a Luke Bryan concert at Gillette Stadium in June has had charges dismissed, but he will remain suspended from the force for the time being.

Andrew Patterson, 32, was facing a lewd, wanton and lascivious conduct charge after he allegedly began masturbating during the show. A fight occurred afterward, and he was accused of punching another man in the face.

A judge dismissed the criminal case, noting that Patterson has a background in military service, there weren’t any witnesses to testify, and Patterson doesn’t have a prior criminal record, according to WBZ. However, the judge did say Patterson would need to continue alcohol abuse treatment.


Patterson admitted to a fight at the concert, his attorney, Dan Moynihan, said, according to WCVB. However, he said Patterson denies the alleged lewd acts occurred.

“No witnesses to come forward, no videotapes, but he’s been tried and convicted in the media,” Moynihan said, according to the news station. “Well, today, the case was dismissed.”

Patterson remains suspended without pay from the state police. David Procopio, a spokesperson for the department, said the “internal investigation into alleged violations of [the state police’s] policies/rules remains ongoing.” Patterson was initially suspended from his position back on June 21, and at first he was being paid; that changed on Oct. 25 following a state police hearing on the matter.

“I’ve fought for our country overseas, I‘ve fought for the commonwealth on these streets,” Patterson said in a statement to reporters following his court appearance. “I’ve done nothing to deserve the type of slander and public shaming that I’ve experienced through the media, through the agenda that’s being pushed forward through no individual requirement of me.”



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