Shooting at Lynn barbershop injures 2 people

Witnesses said a gunman opened fire from outside the Lewis Street store.

Two people were injured when a gunman opened fire into a Lynn barbershop Thursday afternoon.

A bullet grazed one employee of Rudy’s Barbershop while the store owner, Rudy Bernabel, suffered a head injury when he dove out of the way, WCVB reports.

Witnesses told the station that around 1 p.m., the shooter fired what appeared to be four shots through the glass door of the Lewis Street business.

“He walked across the street, positioned himself in front of the building and shot four times,” Vince, a witness, told reporters.

Amberis Contreras, a shop employee, said she was on a break when she saw the incident play out, and she saw the suspect flee the scene.


“My reaction was run after him,” she said, according to NBC 10 Boston. “He seen me that I was chasing him and he (expletive) took the next left and after that he was just ghost. I couldn’t catch up to him,” Contreras said.

Lynn police Lt. Michael Kmiec told the station authorities were searching for one suspect Thursday afternoon.

“We have a very limited description,” he said. “We’re still looking for surveillance video from the area.”


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