Reduced winter storm schedules for Green Line among MBTA changes for coming season

The MBTA highlighted how it plans to handle the weather this winter.

–John Blanding, Globe staff

With winter around the corner, the MBTA has announced tweaks to how it will approach the colder months this time around, including reduced winter storm schedules for the Green Line.

MBTA officials say the agency has been preparing the system for the anticipated snow and ice by conducting system-wide tree trimming on Commuter Rail and subway track areas and investing in new snow-fighting vehicles and equipment.

“Last winter season, a few lessons learned were noted with management areas of improvement including a focus on improving the response of Level 1 and Level 2 storm events,” the agency said in a press release Monday. “The MBTA’s Maintenance Control Center will have an increased role in storm management with leadership from the T’s Engineering and Maintenance Team specifically assigned to storm-related activities.”


In terms of what’s new this year, the MBTA says it will launch reduced winter storm schedules for the Green Line, a new “internal communication plan for operators during reduced schedules,” and an amended “Snow and Ice Plan.” Riders can find specifics, including schedules and service updates, on the MBTA website’s Winter Travel Guide page.

Additionally, the agency says “a more robust” digital reporting process has also been put in place through a collaboration between the MBTA and the MassDOT Drone Team. The initiative will use post-storm flights to assess MBTA facilities for snow removal.

“The Railroad Operations Emergency Operations Center will again be operational this year with the ability to address potential impacts quickly and efficiently,” the release says. “With specific locations noted to be prone to commercial power outages, mobile generators will continue to be pre-deployed during instances of extreme weather conditions.”

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