A cat was stuck in a tree in Brockton. The mayor came to the rescue.

“Once in a while, you do something for the good of humankind, animalkind.”

Brockton Mayor Moises Rodrigues can add a new accolade to his list of accomplishments — cat rescuer.

The mayor responded to a call for help, made to his office by city resident Carolyn St. Martin, on Thursday, the Brockton Enterprise reports. St. Martin had called everyone she could think of — animal control, the fire department, a local tree company — to try to rescue a cat she discovered that morning, 25-feet up a tree in her neighborhood.

“The cat was in such distress and when I had exhausted all my options because they all said they couldn’t help, I called the mayor’s office,” she told the newspaper.


Less than an hour later, Rodrigues showed up in person to assess the situation.

According to the newspaper, the U.S. Navy veteran and former City Council president, who became the Brockton’s first minority, Cape Verdean mayor in July to succeed the late Bill Carpenter, wound up calling the Department of Public Works to request a bucket truck to rescue the cat. 

“It all ended well,” St. Martin told the Enterprise. “No one would expect help from the mayor in that situation. He went above and beyond. He was very empathetic and caring.”

 The mayor told the newspaper he felt an obligation to help and doing so “made my day.”

“Once in a while, you do something for the good of humankind, animalkind,” Rodrigues said. 

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