Despite fabricating degree, top official in medical examiner’s office promoted back into management

At $115,000 a year, Riccobene’s new salary is actually higher than the $112,000 she previously made at the agency.

A top official in the state medical examiner’s office, who was demoted last year amid revelations she claimed to have a psychology degree she never earned, has been promoted to a management role overseeing staff across the state for the agency, and at a higher salary than before she was downgraded.

Lisa Riccobene — a handpicked top aide to Dr. Mindy Hull, the state’s chief medical examiner — was last month named the agency’s chief administrative officer. She supervises support staff in all of the agency’s facilities, including its Boston headquarters.

The new title, which she assumed in early November, closely mirrors the one Riccobene held before state officials last year suspended and demoted her to what they called a non-supervisory role. It came after the Globe reported that she claimed to have a master’s degree from Northeastern University, though the school had no record of it.

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